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Welcome to Heavenly Promises To

This book was written and designed to provide insight and awareness
of GOD's great love for us - each and every one of us.  The purpose of
Heavenly Promises To Me  is to be an instructional and inspirational
guide for those of us who are seeking GOD or who have lost our way
in this life and seek answers to life's greatest question " Am I here for a
reason?" or "Doesn't anyone care about me?"   The answer is YES!!!   
GOD cares about you.   Jesus said that your Father in Heaven has
numbered the hairs on your head and knows your every need even
before you ask.
Heavenly Promises to Me
What You Will Find On This Site

This site is designed to provide resources and online tools to
promote individual spiritual growth as well as to promote the
Heavenly Promises To Me.  Please visit the various
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Heavenly Promises to Me

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